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Hi there! I'm Jenni

I’m a mom, wife, working professional, and Certified Child Sleep Consultant.

I also love sleep! When I became pregnant with my son, I started reading all the baby sleep books I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, these only ended up making me more anxious and confused. Not only did these books contradict each other, they didn’t work! My baby boy wasn’t taking those long, blissful naps the books said he should be taking from the moment we got home from the hospital. What was going on?


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Changing old habits can be hard – a book can’t do it for you.

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My son’s pediatrician, Dr. Dan, was also a child sleep consultant. He set the record straight about all those books I had been reading – they were flat out wrong! Turns out, you can’t put your newborn on a schedule. But at 6 weeks of age, I moved his bedtime earlier, and amazingly my son began to sleep 12 hours overnight. Through the years Dr. Dan has been a valued and trusted resource to our family, and my son has been a great sleeper because of his guidance. He inspired my journey and mission to help other families.


Becoming a parent is hard. Whether you stay home with your children or work a busy job, you understand the effects of sleep deprivation. Everything is harder and you go through life in a haze. It’s easy to create bad habits out of desperation for sleep. Before you know it, what worked for them as a newborn, stops working. But here’s the thing: Your child was created to sleep well. Sometimes as parents we get in the way of the way of our children’s need and desire to sleep. And changing old habits can be hard – a book can’t do it for you.

When it comes to sleep, information is everywhere. You can find all the sleep tips and tools you could ever want online or in those books…if you read enough of them. What you need for lasting change is someone who can give you an effective plan, encourage you during hard times, and support you while you undo old habits and build healthy new ones.

You can read a book…or you can choose to make a lasting difference for your family. Let’s get your nights back – book your free Evaluation Call today


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